Saturday, April 28, 2012

Symmetry can help uv lay-out

Symmetry can help uv laying out
When you work on a character that is symmetrical, halfway done is almost done.
You can just work on one half and mirror that to the other side.

Here's a character's head and its uv.

I select the uvs on the right side only and apply unfold and relax to smooth out the uvs a little bit.


Now you can simply mirror the smoothed uvs to the other side.

1. Select the vertices ( not uvs ) on the left side including the ones right in the middle.
   These are the points that will receive the transformation.

2. Open Transfer Attributes Options under Mesh menu.
3. set it up like this and apply. Before applying, make sure to snap all the uvs right in the middle to the the center line so that they are exactly lined up.
( Sometimes Closest to point might produce a better result. So try it out. )

Here's the mirrored result.  Toggle the texture uv borders to see if there's any torn edges which commonly happen.  There are a few torn edges on the forehead area.  

Sew the torn edges and the edges in the center and it's done!

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